13 Tech Acronyms Every Aspiring Designer Should Know

There's nothing worse than being in a meeting your first day on the job ... and realize you have no idea what anybody is talking about.

Every industry has their own lingo of technical acronyms or shorthand terms that can be completely intimidating to any newbie. So for anyone new to the design world — or the general tech world for that matter — let's dive into some of those acronyms so that you can confidently jump into the conversation around the conference table!


User Experience

An overall impression the user has while using an app or visiting a website. Everything you will ever design is based around UX tests.


User Interface

What the viewer sees and uses while on your website or app. Menus, content, forms ... all are included in your UI design.


HyperText Markup Language

The coding language that makes websites possible. An .html file is like a Word.doc that can only be opened in a browser.


Cascading Style Sheet

The code that makes HTML look pretty. Think of it as your formatting for your Word.doc.


PHP Hypertext Preprocessor

A coding language that helps HTML be more functional. Filling out a form on a website and submitting it would not be possible without HTML's fave buddy.


Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

A fancy stylesheet that uses things like variables or nesting to help make writing CSS easier, called a preprocessor.


Software As A Service

A company that offers their software as a serice - Google is a great example of this.


Business to Business

Businesses that are developed for the purpose of helping other businesses. An example of this would be if Apple uses Slack to communicate with team members.


Content Management System

A platform for nontech-folk to create digital content like Wordpress or Squarespace.


Responsive Web Design

A web design technique that uses media queries and height/width percentages to maintain layouts across all viewports.


Adaptive Web Design

A web design technique where multiple versions of a site are developed specifically for the viewport size.


Call To Action

A phrase that uses minimal words, including a verb, to entice the user to take the next step. Usually you see CTAs inside bright, bold buttons.


File Transfer Protocol

Apps like Filezilla use FTP to transfer files from your computer to a website server. Make those CSS changes live, baby!

Did you learn a new helpful acronyms? Can you think of any more tech acronyms to share? Let me know what you think on Twitter!