Hailey Erickson Background

Hi, I'm Hailey.

I'm a Designer
and a Developer

See why I make
a great team member

I'm a seasoned pro

I have 15 years under my belt as a professional designer and am just about to round out
my 6th year as a front end web developer.

I'm An Experienced
Remote Worker

Google Apps, Dropbox, Slack, Trello, ClickUp, InVision ..
just a few apps that I crush on a daily basis.


Hailey Erickson Web Design Example

Web Design

Hailey Erickson Product Design Example

Product Design

Hailey Erickson Web Development Example

Web Development

Hailey Erickson Graphic Design Example

Graphic Design

Hailey Erickson Banner Ad Example

Supportive Marketing Design

Hailey Erickson Photo Editing Example

Graphic Photography / Post Production Editing